Anonymous asked:

Hi I'm a horn player I just downloaded the tumblr app again after a long time without it. I saw you followed me, so I decided to see what this was all about and I just want to say that this is so awesome! I was also wondering what your favorite technique books are (or whatever they are called) I have the kopprasch book but I didn't know if there are any other awesome ones out there I'm missing out on. Also, another random question when you were in high school did you get private lessons?

Thanks so much!

For technique books I love kopprasch a lot. I also use a lot of trumpet books like Schlossberg and Clarke.

As far as ├ętude books go I like all the Gallay books and the legato studies book of Concone madrigals.

If you’re interested in great books for reading about playing I’d suggest the Decker book, Phil Farkas’ book, Carved in Stone by Todd Miller talking about Vince DeRosas methods, and my favorite is Fred Foxs book on general brass technique.

To answer your second question, yes I studied with Alan Grant out of San Diego through high school. After that, I went on to study with Jim Atkinson at cal state long beach and studied with Fred Fox and Robin Graham later on, Robin being at Cal Arts.

Hope that’s all helpful, and if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask!!!

Adam Wolf

sarahstratt asked:

I've played the horn for about five years, and I just wanted to tell you admirable your music is! Seriously, the French Horn is always under appreciated in every band I've been in, but you totally stick with it and that's awesome. Thanks for being an inspiration! :)

Thank you so much!!!

Anonymous asked:

for the double-tonguing anon, trying different syllables like "tah-kuh-tah-kuh" "tuh-kuh-tuh-kuh" and "too-koo-too-koo" as well as using a "d" sound instead of a "t" sound really help to figure out what works best. Also, doing that /all the time/, not just when you're practicing (so like when you're driving, sitting around, falling asleep, whatever), helps make the motion feel more natural

^ what they said.